FruitfulTime BookmarkManager

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager allows users to manage bookmarks very easily
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FruitfulTime BookmarkManager is a simple but powerful application, that allows users to manage bookmarks very easily.
The program can be minimized to the system tray, and allows you to add bookmarks in a snap. What is more, it enables users to create labels to distinguish and organize bookmarks in order to find them more quickly. You can add bookmarks one by one, or you can import them from other browsers as an HTML file.

A great thing about the program is that it includes a search box, that enables you to look for specific keywords in order to find a bookmark quickly. This will serve you good, if you have a lot of bookmarks, since it will save a lot of your time. What is more, this feature is not present in most browsers, so it may be called a prominent one. It also provides two viewing modes: large icons or a list. If you search for a specific word, it will tell you the exact number of matches. In addition, you can export or email not only all the bookmarks, but also ONLY the matching ones.

The program has a nice and intuitive user interface, which enables you even to set a global hotkey to add a bookmark, search bookmarks, and view bookmarks. It also includes backup and restore capabilities. As you can see, the program is very complete and could be of great help if you have lots of bookmarks.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and intuitive user interface
  • Search box is really useful
  • Labels
  • There are hotkeys


  • None
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